Nonsurgical Eyelid Lift

As a board-certified physician in medical aesthetics, I’m entirely dedicated to my practice. Backed by years of experience in and in-depth knowledge of this medical field, my treatment philosophy is to focus on patients as a whole, taking into account all aspects of their face and body. This complete approach is definitely my trademark. Another of my goals is to offer treatments that meet individual needs and to educate patients about their options, which brings me to the topic of nonsurgical eyelid lift treatments.

eyelid lift

Botox injections for a worry-free eyelid lift

Botox is a botulinum toxin that temporarily blocks the nerve signals responsible for muscle contraction. When injected into specific areas around the eyes, it relaxes the muscles that cause wrinkles and skin folds. Botox can also be used to lift the upper eyelids by relaxing the muscles that causes them to droop. Results generally last three to four months, after which another injection may be needed.

Dermal fillers and biostimulant injections

Injections combining hyaluronic acid and biostimulants can be used to add volume to the temples and brow ridges. These semi-permanent injections restore volume, opening the eyes and giving them a youthful appearance.

Laser treatments for a deep eyelid lift

Laser treatments use concentrated beams of energy to penetrate the skin and stimulate collagen production, tightening the skin of the eyelids. Lasers can also target unwanted pigment or visible blood vessels, improving the texture and dark circles around the eyes. Results can vary, and multiple sessions may be required for optimal results.

Radiofrequency or ultrasound treatments

Radiofrequency or ultrasound treatments heat the deeper layers of the skin without damaging the surface. This heat stimulates collagen production, which helps to firm and tighten eyelid skin. They may also help reduce the appearance of under eye bags and fine lines. Several sessions may be necessary to achieve significant results.

Tensor threads for a more natural eyelid lift

Absorbable tensor threads are used to provide immediate traction and stimulate collagen production in surrounding tissue. They’re often used around the eyes to make them look more open.

It’s important to consult with a qualified medical aesthetics professional to meet your specific eyelid lift needs and ensure the best possible results. I strongly recommend you contact a reputable medical aesthetic clinic such as Clinique Laflamme to discuss your concerns and to benefit from a thorough evaluation. 

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