Face and neck lift

Here is Clinique Laflamme's specialty: face and neck lift. Every year, we invest in order to be and remain the number one in this procedure. We aim for excellence through our technologies, used with the know-how and expertise that we have developed over the years, while keeping as a principle that we do not proceed with surgery and that we use the most natural technologies and treatments available on the market.

As we age, wrinkles appear and we find ourselves gently pulling the skin of the face to see what it would look like without them. Our face ages as a whole, and our age is estimated by the whole face. It is then by evaluating and harmonizing all the components of our face through a facelift that we can beautify and rejuvenate your appearance. Thus, we bring a new balance to your features, for a harmonious result on your entire face.

It is important to know that the skin regenerates after being heated, regardless of the patient's age. We achieve the tightening and rejuvenation of the skin after obtaining sufficient heat to cause the skin fibers to contract. It is important to know that depending on the technology used and the depth to which we apply the heat, the results obtained on the skin will differ. It is therefore essential to be familiar with the technologies and the results that can be expected depending on the type of skin and the age of the patient who consults us. The older the patient, the more we will have to address all the layers of the skin in order to obtain the best result. Mature patients respond as well or better than younger ones. This is because we are able to activate the skin's regeneration phase more easily, as the skin needs less energy to be activated. However, older patients often need more work than our younger patients... Depending on the goals, treatments may require more work, but the non-surgical facelift is a lasting solution to the undesirable effects of aging.

Several tools can be used for the non-surgical facelift and it is by combining them that we develop your personalized treatment plan. To do this, we start by taking your photos and looking at them with you. These will be presented to you in 2D and 3D. The VECTRA XT and VISIA systems will help us target our objectives. We work on a case-by-case basis, and it is according to your objectives and your budget that we will decide together what our plan of action will be. We develop a treatment plan because it is essential for us to know the properties of your skin and which treatment will best suit it for an optimal and long-lasting result.

Your financial imperatives, your ability to have a few days of convalescence and your expectations will all be taken into account before making a treatment plan. Some patients decide to go in stages and others prefer a more complete plan from the start. This is why we are at your service for a free consultation in order to inform you as much as possible and to discuss your expectations and our solutions to your problem. To perform a face and/or neck lift, we can offer you a variety of different treatments and these will be selected with you according to your needs and preferences.


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