Treatment for baldness

The regenerative power of concentrated blood components on your body has been recognized worldwide for many years. This treatment has become established with its often spectacular results in a field where few alternatives are available. Many medical fields use it, notably in wound care, sports medicine, and plastic surgery.

Our hair loss treatment consists of drawing your blood through a standard blood test and centrifuging it. This isolates the watery fluid from your red blood cells, which contains growth factors. These natural components of your own body are then used to reverse hair loss and to densify and thicken hair.

This method is indicated for treating baldness in men and women, alone or in combination with other treatments. This treatment is indicated only for completely bald areas if these areas have been grafted. It is helpful in treating people with less dense hair or thinning of certain areas of the scalp. This therapy does not replace the hair implant but is used to promote hair health and the survival and health of the grafts. However, it is essential to know that early intervention is the key to better controlling and treating hair density

At Clinique Laflamme, the injections are administered using an automated injection system that minimizes treatment discomfort (U225 System). The current basic protocol is 4 sessions 15 days apart. Then, we suggest a maintenance protocol of 1 to 4 sessions per year. This is required in patients with androgenic alopecia, the gradual loss of hair linked to male hormones. Maintenance sessions are tailored to the needs of patients who want to continue to stimulate their hair and improve its health and quality.

After a possible temporary increase in hair loss (expulsion of telogen hair), a very clear decrease in hair loss is generally observed after the second session. In addition, the texture of the hair improves, becoming shinier and silkier. The scalp may become more sensitive and present a tingling sensation related to revitalization. Regrowth will be visible after 2 to 3 months.

Since all the elements recovered in the treatment come exclusively from your body, there is virtually no risk of allergic reactions or intolerance. A feeling of warmth is normal after the treatment. Some redness and slight swelling will also be visible after the session, but this will subside within a few hours.

At Clinique Laflamme, we illustrate your progress with photos. To show and objectify your results, standard 2D photos are taken regularly. 


Side effects


Number of sessions required

Departure: 1 à 7 After: every 3 months

Treated areas

Scalp, beard, eyelashes, eyebrows

Discomfort / Anesthesia


Duration of a session

45 minutes

Recovery time


Associated equipment


  1 syringe
(through Tx)
2 syringes
(through Tx)
1 treatment 310 $ 460 $
5 treatments 1 400 $ 2 075 $
7 treatments 1 600 $ 2 350 $
9 treatments 1 900 $ 2 800 $
*Taxes to be added    



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