Vampire lift

The Vampire Lift is a recent technology that has become known thanks to the sponsorship of the Kardashian family. The Vampire Lift is a simple procedure that requires very little equipment. It involves treating the patient's skin using his or her own blood, which has been collected and filtered beforehand. The plasma portion of the patient's blood is isolated and then re-injected into the face and/or neck. Micro-injections are performed manually or with an automated injector, depending on the patient's preference. The plasma contains growth factors and chemical mediators that allow the skin to regenerate itself.

To maximize the effectiveness of the Vampire Lift, Clinique Laflamme recommends using PRP in combination with its other procedures. In particular, we frequently use the Vampire Lift by combining PRP with a Dermal filler with highly moisturizing and volumizing qualities to optimize the results. The PRP is then mixed with hyaluronic acid, which is then reinjected very superficially to obtain an enhanced Vampire Lift.

The Vampire Lift is performed in short sessions. Apart from some possible redness, which disappears after 12 hours, there are few side effects. Depending on the condition of the skin, results may be visible from the first session but will become more apparent over time. To learn more about this treatment and its benefits, call us for a free consultation!


Effets secondaires
Un léger gonflement disparaît en 24 heures.
Nombre de sessions requises
1 à 3 sessions
Zones traitées
Visage et cou
Inconfort / Anesthésie
Anesthésie légère (crème pour réduire la douleur)
Durée d’une séance
Entre 45 et 60 minutes
Délai de rétablissement
24 heures


Prix sur consultation uniquement
*Taxes non incluses


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