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Founded in 2010, the Laflamme Clinic offers medical-aesthetic treatments that are distinguished by their innovation and personalized approach. Fuelled by a passion for well-being, its expert and committed team makes it a priority to offer the best solutions to its clientele, thanks to its mastery of the highest technologies and case-by-case support.


Every face and everybody is different. Over time, several skin conditions can occur. At Clinique Laflamme, we offer you the opportunity to look at the characteristics of these conditions together in order to treat your appearance and well-being harmoniously, and thus achieve your beauty and health goals. We are experts in the care of many conditions, including the attenuation of marks on the skin – such as wrinkles, spots or scars -, the smoothing of features – especially for double chin or body contouring -, hairiness – permanent hair removal and alopecia -, or gynecological health – vaginal dryness, urine leakage. Contact us for a first free consultation to see together the conditions you wish to treat and how to give them the care your skin needs!


Clinique Laflamme offers case-by-case support for the embellishment of your body or face. Thanks to our high-level technologies and our skilled practitioners, we can offer you a multitude of treatments to provide the best care for your skin.

These treatments include thread lifts, filler and botulinum toxin injections, a variety of lasers, pulsed light, ultrasound and radiofrequency. We then work with you to develop a customized program of treatments to meet your expectations and provide the best solution for your skin. To obtain a personalized plan according to your needs and budget, we invite you to contact us for a free initial consultation.


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