Morpheus8 by InMode is a treatment that combines radiofrequency energy and microneedling. It stimulates collagen production in the skin of your face and neck to depths of up to 4mm (it can even work deeper if required: up to 8mm) and requires very little recovery time.

How does the Morpheus8 treatment work?

The method is quite simple: radiofrequency energy distributes controlled heat to the skin at different depths. This technique is already widely used in the skincare industry.

The main advantage of Morpheus8 is its versatility. Depending on your skin’s specific needs, the treatment can be performed at various depths during a single session. We can treat your skin at a superficial depth of 0.5 mm and combine this with passes at depths of 1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm, and 4 mm to maximize your collagen production. Your skincare specialist’s knowledge and expertise will help you achieve optimal results.

Morpheus8 allows the skin to thicken. As we age, our skin loses collagen and elastin, becoming thinner over time. While this occurs naturally with age, it can also be caused by smoking and genetics, not to mention sun exposure, which is the main cause of skin aging.

What are the benefits of the Morpheus8 technology?

By treating the skin at different depths, Mopheus8 helps improve radiance and the appearance of scars, dilated pores, skin tone, skin imperfections, fine lines and wrinkles, and more. In addition, Morpheus8 promotes skin tightening by stimulating skin regeneration.

Indeed, skin tends to sag with age. When stimulated, the skin becomes thicker and tighter, thus helping to define the contours of the face and enhance the eyes and lips, which also become thinner with age. Morpheus8 is a skincare product that can be used over time to preserve the current appearance of your skin or to reverse the signs of aging. It can also be performed on other areas of the body.

How is the Morpheus8 treatment performed?

We treat the targeted area with a tip from which small needles are deployed to reach the chosen skin depths. Radiofrequency is delivered with great precision according to parameters chosen by the physician. Several passes are usually required. During recovery, you will notice some redness and swelling, which usually subside within 24 to 48 hours. There tends to be less redness and heat sensation after treatment when radiofrequency energy is delivered deeper into the skin.

Morpheus8 Body: a solution for deep fat tissue

Morpheus8 Body is the first and only technology approved by Health Canada to reshape the body without surgery. No more uncooperative fatty tissue: Morpheus8 Body allows you to address specific areas.

Morpheus8 Body helps improve your overall body shape by working deep into the fatty tissue, thereby reducing cellulite. By improving blood circulation and relaxing your muscles, Morpheus8 Body is designed to both enhance the quality of your skin and reduce fat deposits. The results speak for themselves.

Unlike liposuction, this innovative treatment is minimally invasive.


Clinique Laflamme sets itself apart by investing in state-of-the-art technologies entirely dedicated to women's health. The following treatments can be combined to create a treatment plan adapted to each woman's personal needs. A medical consultation and an evaluation will allow you to define your needs.

Morpheus8 V

Morpheus8 V by InMode is a microneedling radiofrequency technology specifically designed for women. This treatment tightens the inner vaginal walls to improve urinary health, sexual health, and daily discomfort related to the natural lubrication of the vulvovaginal area.

How does the Morpheus8 V treatment work? What are its benefits? Morpheus8 V works in the same way as its close relative, Morpheus8: radiofrequency energy delivers heat to the treatment area through microneedles. Just as we can tighten and thicken the skin of the face, we can do the same with the vaginal area, reducing the discomfort associated with aging. This improves sexual satisfaction, urinary symptoms, and vaginal dryness while giving the area a firmer appearance.

Morpheus8 V (alone or in combination with other techniques) can also be used to improve the appearance of the labia minora and majora that surrounds the opening of the vagina. How long does the Morpheus8 V treatment takes?

The number of required treatments and the need for annual maintenance will depend on your needs. It should be noted that vaginal lubrication issues are very easy to reverse and will require fewer treatments, while urinary symptoms usually require a series of 3 to 6 treatments as well as annual follow-ups to maintain the results.

How is the Morpheus8 V treatment performed?

We apply a numbing cream on the treatment area to minimize discomfort. Medical grade laughing gas can also be used. Several passes with the machine are usually required.

During the recovery period, you will notice some redness and swelling that usually subside within 24 to 48 hours. It is normally possible for the patient to return home alone and go about her day.


Side effects
Possible redness, possible edema
Number of sessions required
1-3 for the face
1-6 for the body
Treated areas
Face, cleavage, neck, body
Discomfort / Anesthesia
Mild discomfort, no anesthesia required
Duration of a session
Between 15 and 45 minutes depending on the area and the technology used
Recovery time
0 to 5 days, depending on the technology used

Associated equipment


Face8,50$ / unit
Neck800$ / unit
Low-cut1 200$ / unit
Face and neck1 200$ / unit
Belly1 500$ / unit
Morpheus Body
Small region1 200$ / unit
Large region1 500$ / unit
Women’s Health
MorpheusV800$ / unit
MorpheusV Interior1 500$ / unit
Plus 90 Interior+ outside600$ / unit
Plus 90 + Morpheus outside1 500$ / unit
*Taxes to be added


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