Double chin

The double chin, which appears as a mass of fat on the neck, is not always the case for overweight patients. Some patients have fat deposits in the submental area. It is also possible that this double chin is due to aging and sagging of the skin rather than excess fat. Indeed, it is important to understand that the submental area receives the descent of the entire face. Thus, patients who are not overweight may also be concerned about an overly crowded submental area.

It is common to see patients who have had liposuction in the submental area and who complain of the residual laxity of the skin. Even with less fat, the skin remains elastic and the neck can retain this sagging appearance. This clearly demonstrates the importance of working on both fat reduction and skin tonicity in order to tighten your neck and get rid of your double chin.

Thus, the first thing to do before suggesting any solution will be to properly evaluate the problem in order to find the right treatment. We can synthesize in 3 categories the patients who will consult for the neck and double chin:

1. Fat deposits under the chin and neck: for these patients, liposuction, deoxycholic acid, and our different technical interventions are interesting solutions. It is certain that large amounts of fat will be better removed with liposuction for a visibly reduced double chin. Patients often have difficulty assessing tissue laxity and we correct their perception of the problem for optimal results.

2. Skin laxity with or without fatty deposits: this condition is the one that accounts for the vast majority of our consultations. In fact, as soon as patients get older, there is always an added component of skin laxity, which is the main cause of the double chin’s appearance. It is surprising for the clientele to see to what extent the mere fact of working on facial skin tonicity will have an impact on the neck, smoothing the chin for a finer, more invigorated look. Indeed, patients are often surprised to see that their neck looks better when we have only worked on the facial area. In fact, we frequently explain in consultation that in cases of skin laxity, it is better to combine a facial treatment with a neck treatment rather than focusing on the neck without shortening it beforehand. The double chin is an extension of the aging of the skin on the whole face, so it is in a treatment that concerns this area that you will see the best results.

3. Laxity and very thin skin that causes wrinkles in the neck: patients who are getting older or who have premature aging of their skin may have very thin skin that will accumulate on the neck and may cause a double chin to appear. In these cases, the priority is to restore density to the skin and it is sometimes considered surgery for more precision and an even more satisfactory effect. However, it is clear that even if surgery is considered, work on the thickness of the skin will have to be done, otherwise, the results obtained by surgery will be short-lived.

With our different technologies, we, therefore, offer you a deep treatment of your double chin, tailored to your skin and adjusted to fit your goals. This is why we invite you to contact us for a free consultation so that we can see together the solution that best suits the reduction of your double chin.


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