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What exactly is the “Laflamme” comprehensive approach?

It’s simple yet complex.

It aims to EMPOWER my patients. It’s the basis for each of my interventions.

It requires nuance, knowledge, and experience.…

Most often, new patients initially come to me with specific goals. They want to work on a specific area, such as the forehead, the mouth, or the cheeks.

I start by taking 2D and 3D photos to get a good overall look at the patient, so as to evaluate volume, shape, length, and the harmony of the face and profile. These are men, women, teenagers, and trans people. They have their own backgrounds, traumas, and achievements. They have their own vision of themselves and share their impressions and desires with me. They also talk about which procedures they would be willing to undergo and which ones they’re not willing to consider. Finally, they tell me how much they want to invest.

At this point, I have to take a step back, look at their face as a whole, and connect that with who they are as individuals: their uniqueness, emotions, energy, and values. I have to figure out what’s going to satisfy them and match that to my artistic vision.

While it rarely happens, this approach doesn’t always work. I either feel that I won’t be able to meet their expectations, or they want to intervene in a way that I don’t think will work.

I then propose an intervention plan that aims to achieve permanent results on which we can continue to build in the future. I use ALL available and accepted tools to maximize results and obtain optimal satisfaction (injections, technologies, threads).

Fortunately, patients who come for the first time often have an acquaintance who has used our services. They already know what to expect from this long, individualized, and informative approach!

I can’t help but feel a sense of pride when I see how much of an impact their new appearance has on their psychological well-being. It’s such a gift to hear my patients say, “Here’s my budget, tell me what needs to be done!” It motivates me to stay on top of my game.

A SATISFACTORY therapeutic relationship in medical aesthetics requires the involvement of the patient, the physician, and their team. The partnership must be built right from the start with a consultation that’s carried out with transparency and openness. The patient also takes an active role during treatment by showing trust and an open mind. Finally, it’s ESSENTIAL to have a follow-up after 3 months. During this meeting, we can assess the results and evaluate the plan’s effectiveness TOGETHER. These meetings are important for all of us!

Dr. Laflamme

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What exactly is the “Laflamme” comprehensive approach? It’s simple yet complex. It aims to EMPOWER my patients. It’s the basis for each of my interventions.

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