Stretch mark reduction

Stretch marks appear when the skin is damaged in the deep dermis. They usually result from a sudden change in morphology, such as during growth, weight gain or pregnancy. Adolescence and pregnancy are periods that directly favor the appearance of stretch marks. These marks, which are long lasting, mainly appear on the stomach, buttocks, breasts, thighs or arms. Clinique Laflamme offers treatment plans adapted to reduce stretch marks if they bother you.

Generally purplish in color when they first appear, stretch marks lighten with time to take on a whiter, pearly color, without disappearing completely. For people who are bothered by their stretch marks, it is possible to do different treatments to reduce their visibility. It is important to keep in mind that these marks are scars in the skin. As such, you should aim for a reduction in stretch marks, as their complete disappearance is unlikely. However, it is possible to improve their appearance with quality treatment, and the results will be even more exceptional if the stretch marks are recent and still red.

The treatment of recent stretch marks is faster and more effective than when they are older. At this point, the use of Intense Pulsed Light is effective in reducing the discoloration in just a few sessions. Intense Pulsed Light effectively reduces redness. With this treatment, the skin will be smooth and will take on a more unified tone, leaving the scar more attenuated. The light treatment is usually a satisfactory and low-cost solution for patients.

When stretch marks are older, they lose their reddish coloration and lighten to white. Over time, the aging of the skin will cause the tissue in which the stretch marks appeared to lose its elasticity and tone. This will exacerbate the appearance of stretch marks. A treatment is always possible, spread over several sessions and calibrated to your skin. For a more in-depth treatment, we can recommend a customized program that combines the technologies that can have the best effect on your skin.

A clinical evaluation is required to guide your expectations and choose the best technologies to obtain the results you are looking for. Clinique Laflamme offers its consultations free of charge and without any obligation, in order to transmit our knowledge in medical aesthetics as openly as possible. Our satisfaction is complete when we can offer you a personalized plan that perfectly suits you.


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