Hair loss

Hair loss is a problem that can be hormonal, hereditary and/or mechanical in origin. It is important to determine the cause of your hair loss in order to treat it properly. Dr. Laflamme initially assesses patients as needed to determine if a blood test is required to rule out hormonal causes. Thereafter, medication may be prescribed to slow or stop hair loss (minoxidil, finasteride).

PRP, platelet-rich plasma, is a process used to stabilize the quantity and improve the quality of hair. This technique allows for the densification of hair with the help of scalp injections, for both men and women. PRP is completely natural and safe, since it uses the growth factors already in your system to stimulate your hair growth.

This process was developed in Switzerland in 2003. PRP has become an essential procedure in the treatment of baldness and alopecia: it is now used after the hair transplant to promote the grafts’ survival, but also sometimes before the transplant to increase the quality of the donor area. In fact, the earlier we intervene, the more it is possible to recover your capillary density. This is why one should not hesitate to consult from the very beginning of alopecia or apparent baldness.

At Clinique Laflamme, we are committed to always making the best techniques and technologies available to you. With the PRP, we have invested by acquiring the FOTOFINDER, a microscopic imaging technique of the scalp. The FOTOFINDER allows us to clarify the diagnosis of the cause of alopecia. It also allows you to objectively quantify the effects of your PRP on your hair. When you begin a series of treatments at Clinique Laflamme, we do your evaluation with the FOTOFINDER. If you wish, we can re-evaluate your FOTOFINDER results at the end of your treatment cycle.

When you begin treatment for your hair health, you can expect approximately 4 sessions spread over 15 days. As of the second session, a clear reduction in hair loss can be observed. After a few weeks, the improvement in the quality and health of your hair will be apparent. As for regrowth, it depends on your hair and whether your alopecia is treated early or late. They will be visible after 2 to 3 months.

To maximize your chances of hair regrowth without a transplant, consult us to see how we can adapt the treatment to your needs and help you keep your hair healthy.


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