Eyebrow Lift

The height of the eyebrows results from the motor activity of the frontalis, the forehead muscle. However, the skin that covers the forehead becomes longer and thinner over the years. It is this loosening of the skin that leads to a drooping effect on the eyebrows and eyes. It is possible to raise the eyebrows permanently with a light facelift, causing the skin of the forehead to contract in order to provide real support to the eyelids and maintain a bright and natural look.

The skin is an organ that regenerates itself when exposed to sufficient heat, at any age! Therefore, treating it with a calibrated temperature is enough to obtain an enhancement of the eyebrow position. Experience has shown that a more youthful and dynamic look does not only come from the amount of tissue in the upper eyelids, but also from the tone of the skin in the forehead, the projection of the eyebrows towards the temples and the thickness of the temples.

We have seen too many patients with tight blepharoplasties and low eyebrows that gave little opening to the expression. Therefore, before considering an upper blepharoplasty, we must make sure that it will not be necessary to lift the frontal part of the face, the first support of the eyebrow arch. To do so, we can use the Ulthera, Accent Prime, RF pixel Roller, Pixel CO2, Venus Legacy, Venus Viva, Enerjet and PDO threads. These different tools allow a deep forehead lift for a smooth and toned effect that keeps your eyebrows high without focusing solely on the eyelid treatment. Your traits will be redefined and will give a harmonious result to the whole treatment.

To lift the forehead without surgery, it is possible to use several technological platforms. The choice will be made according to your skin type and the amount of work that has to be done, with particular attention to all areas around your eyebrows. To do so, we can use several techniques to give you the best results for a customized eyebrow lift. Thanks to a more global treatment, there will be a clear improvement not only in the eyebrows but also in the appearance of the skin on your forehead. This helps to maintain and renew a fresh and energetic look.


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