Resurfacing lasers (ablative and non-ablative)

Laser skin treatments allow treatment by creating skin lesions, which cause the skin to regenerate.

Lasers can be ablative or non-ablative. Ablative lasers will cause visible damage to the epidermis. Non-ablative lasers will make destructive points under the epidermis. They do not require any recovery time.

Lasers can also be profractionated or not. If tha is the case, they will make columns of destruction that will be surrounded by healthy tissue that will not be targeted by the laser. This allows treatments with shorter convalescence times.

Lasers are tools that can regenerate skin with fine lines and superficial irregularities. When there is significant laxity, lasers must be combined with other technologies in order to target the deeper layers of the skin more effectively.

At Clinique Laflamme, we use the latest technologies and tools on the market to offer you a treatment that is tailored to your needs. Our different technologies allow us to offer you different lasers, including :

  • The profractionated CO2 laser
  • The non-ablative CO 2 laser,
  • The profractionated Erbium Yag laser
  • The Erbium Yag Micro Laser Peel
  • The non-ablative Yag Genesis laser
  • The vascular Yag laser

Our personalized consultations will allow you to better understand which tools may be indicated according to your needs and your skin type.


Side effects
Possible redness, possible edema, possible slight discomfort
Number of sessions required
1 to 6, depending on the technology used
Treated areas
Face, neck, cleavage, hands, stomach, legs, arms
Discomfort / Anesthesia
Anesthetic cream required for 45-60 minutes depending on the technology used
Duration of a session
30 to 60 minutes, depending on the technology used
Recovery time
0 to 7 days, depending on the technology used

Prices * **

Profactional focused CO2 pixelUnit pricePrice with mesotherapy
Smoker’s wrinkles500 $950 $
Eyes500 $950 $
Hands500 $
Neck850 $1 350 $
Full face1 150 $1 650 $
Neckline850 $1 650 $
Face and neck1 750 $2 150 $
Face, neck and neckline2 250 $2 750 $
Pixel CO2 defocused
Hands300 $
Neck 350 $
Full face500 $
Face and neck700 $
Sciton Erbium Yag LaserUnit pricePrice with mesotherapy
Mouth500 $950 $
Eyes500 $950 $
Neck850 $1 350 $
Face1 150 $1 650 $
Neckline1 150 $1 650 $
Face and neck1 750 $2 150 $
Face, neck and neckline2 250 $2 750 $
*taxes to be added
** depending on the technology used


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