Nose Correction

It is now possible to change the appearance of your nose without having to resort directly to surgery. Several tools can be used to improve the alignment of your nose and redefine the smoothness of its contour. This can now be done using minimally invasive and very safe methods.

We can simply refine the nose by reducing the volume of skin tissue surrounding the cartilage and underlying bone. In doing so, the nose will also be slightly shorter. In fact, just as with the rest of the body, the skin stretches out with time and thus becomes thicker. The natural aging of the skin thus has an equally important impact on the appearance of the nose. The nostrils seem to be wider and less close to one another. In order to resolve this, many people resort to surgery. However, it is important to know that by using a few simple procedures, your nose can already take on the appearance you desire.

In fact, we are able to refine the nose in a truly spectacular way by using biostimulants injections, dermal filler injections and with the help of certain technologies. The use of these technologies is sufficient to refine the lines of the nose and redefine its shape. The use of PDO threads is also a very interesting technique to raise the tip of the nose and to sharpen its line.

We can then achieve a straighter centerline of the nose by injecting Dermal fillers into the bridge of the nose. Those actually are complex sugars already present in the human body, which allows a long-lasting transformation and a very natural result.

Thanks to these methods, surgery is no longer the only method to narrow and embellish your nose!

Meta Description: Thanks to skin treatment, it is now possible to narrow and embellish your nose without the need for surgery. Call us for a free consultation!


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