Volumization by Dermal filler injection

At Clinique Laflamme, it is Dr. Laflamme who administers all the injections to ensure that you receive the competence you deserve. The natural aspect of the result is a priority for us, as well as for our patients. However, what is natural for one is not necessarily natural for the other. Dr. Laflamme understands the importance of understanding the patient's requests during the consultation. Afterwards, she uses her volume assessment skills and injection techniques to provide the best possible support for her patients, so that they can receive the treatment they are looking for. Once tamed, injections are wonderful tools to rejuvenate your appearance. Many patients, both men and women, are already using injections without you realizing it. Unfortunately, you only notice those whose results are unnatural.

Hyaluronic acid Dermal fillers, commonly called 'Dermal fillers', are complex sugars already present in the body. As we age, we lose the beautiful curves that characterize healthy faces, giving us a more tired appearance. Dermal fillers are used to fill hollows and restore volume. They are used on the face, particularly on the lips, but also to rejuvenate the hands and the décolleté. They allow you to regain the convexity of your facial lines. This substance is already used in medicine to inject aging joints to promote lubrication.

What filling agents are offered at Clinique Laflamme?

  • Juvéderm line (Allergan)
  • Belotero line (Merz Pharma)
  • Radiesse (Merz Pharama)


Side effects
Possible bruises
Number of sessions required
1 session per 12-18 months
Treated areas
Face and hands
Discomfort / Anesthesia
Anesthetic cream for 30 minutes if desired
Duration of a session
15 to 30 minutes
Recovery time

Prices (unit price)

JUVÉDERM (1cc)650 – 850 $
RADIESSE (1,5cc)Starting from 850 $, details on appointment.
*Taxes to be added


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