Enerjet treatment

The EnerJet 2.0 technology is relatively new on the market. This addition to Clinique Laflamme's technological arsenal adds a new way of treating the skin to achieve a face lift, body contouring, improvement of fine lines and wrinkles, treatment of acne scars, hypertrophic scars and stretch marks.

The EnerJet 2.0 device does not work with heat, but rather with a technology that consists of making micro-perforations with a jet of liquid inserted at high speed into the skin (JVR - jet volumetric remodeling). This technology is patented and does not use a needle. In fact, it is the high power with which the substrate is deployed that creates slight trauma; these will cause the tissue to regenerate. The substrate that will be used to make the destruction points can be selected according to your needs. Indeed, it is possible to use a combination of Platelet Rich Plasma, vitamins, a glucose solution or hyaluronic acid. This substance can therefore have a volumizing effect or be only pro-healing, in order to promote the strongest possible healing in collagen. The kinetic energy will also have an important impact by allowing to obtain large and explosive destruction grains. This leads to a destructive power unmatched by the usual laser-based procedures. This is particularly interesting at the body level, since the power required to obtain interesting results must usually be increased there.

At Clinique Laflamme, we have developed a procedure to maximize the Enerjet technology. We have created a way to work on the body and face to maximize tissue contraction after we have made our microperforations and injected the desired substrate. In fact, once we have placed the Enerjet on the area to be treated, we take advantage of the fact that the tissue is soaked in liquid to heat it with ultra-powerful ultrasound and thus maximize the contraction of the skin and its thickening. This allows us to obtain very interesting results on the body, face and neck, especially for people who have undergone substantial weight loss.


Side effects
Redness at points of destruction, possible edema
Number of sessions required
1 to 3 sessions (depending on clinical evaluation)
Treated areas
Face and body
Discomfort / Anesthesia
Mild discomfort, no anesthesia required
Duration of a session
45 minutes or more, depending on the area
Recovery time
3 to 5 days


Enerjet + Face accent1 850 $
Enerjet + Neck accent1 450 $
Enerjet + Neck + face accent2 800 $
Enerjet + Accent around the face1 150 $
Enerjet + Neckline accent1 950 $
Enerjet + Eye accent1 250 $
Enerjet + Mouth accent950 $
Enerjet + Accent 1/2 belly1 300 $
Enerjet + Belly accent1 800 $
Enerjet + Accent flanks and belly2 500 $
Enerjet + Accent saddlebags 1 800 $
*Taxes to be added


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