Global facelift approach

This is Dr. Laflamme's signature treatment! Some clients come in for a wrinkle at the corner of the mouth or a brown spot, but for a satisfactory and clearly beautifying result, an approach to the face as a whole is necessary. Yes, a specific skin defect can be attenuated or removed, but the result will be less visible than a more global treatment, which will give your face a real burst of radiance and youthfulness.

At Clinique Laflamme, we offer personalized evaluations to discuss your concerns and choose the combination of treatments that allow you to achieve your goals. Several techniques and devices are available and certain treatment methods can be envisaged according to your physiognomy, your needs and your preferences. Clinique Laflamme has all the non-surgical approaches available to obtain a harmonization of your face calibrated to your needs.

Clinique Laflamme offers integrated plans that often combine tightening threads, filling agents, and technologies to firm the skin and make it more radiant. By addressing facial volumes, skin tone and radiance at the same time, natural and spectacular results are achieved. The more the face shows signs of aging, the more relevant it will be to use combinations in order to obtain natural-looking results. The evaluation is always done on a case-by-case basis, since we are all different.

Our philosophy is to offer short and long term treatments so that the patient can build on a foundation that will last over time. Personalized support over the years is one of our most precious values. Your photos are preserved over time and allow us to see and quantify your changes over time. 3D cameras are invaluable for comparing volumes and skin quality.

Clinique Laflamme offers post-treatment follow-ups at 3 months, so that you can see the results over time. Gradual changes often require time to visualize them properly. This is also a time when we can teach you about the various other approaches available. 


Effets secondaires
Un léger gonflement disparaît en 24 heures.
Nombre de sessions requises
1 à 3 sessions
Zones traitées
Visage et cou
Inconfort / Anesthésie
Anesthésie légère (crème pour réduire la douleur)
Durée d’une séance
Entre 45 et 60 minutes
Délai de rétablissement
24 heures


Prix sur consultation uniquement
*Taxes non incluses


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