Clinique Laflamme has positioned itself as one of the leaders in the permanent hair removal market. Our pricing policy and the quality of our services make Clinique Laflamme a reference in this field.

There are several laser hair removal packages available depending on the different areas of the body you wish to treat. Laser hair removal takes place in several sessions according to your body's needs. The results obtained will be clean and long-lasting. The laser we use, the Soprano Ice from Alma Laser, can treat darker skin phototypes. Moreover, our treatments are fast and not uncomfortable.

Finally, it should be noted that although we have pulsed light among our devices, we do not recommend it for hair removal. In fact, pulsed light is not a very effective technology when it comes to completing hair removal. It refines the hair, but it does not have the power required to finish the treatments.

The sessions and procedures for laser hair removal are adapted to each individual. During your free consultation, we can give you more information.


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