Fine lips

Regardless of age, you can use Dermal filler injections on your lips to give them more volume. While some people want to give a fuller dimension to their young and thin lips, others desire to restore the volume of their aging lips. It is essential to adapt and personalize this treatment according to this criterion. Aging lips do not require the same approach as younger lips.

Indeed, younger, fuller lips may require only a small addition of volume with Dermal fillers injection. There are several types of Dermal fillers. The ones we use are formulated with hyaluronic acid, a complex sugar already present in the human body. They are commonly referred to as Dermal fillers. Unlike botulinum toxin injections, which relax the muscles in order to soften the features, Dermal fillers help restore the convexity of facial lines, all with a natural-looking result.

However, aging lips require a more global approach by combining injections with additional technologies, as they are part of the face which ages in its globality. We will work with you to determine which approaches are right for you and can bring you the best results. A treatment that does not take this overall approach into account would certainly lead to a suboptimal result, which would diminish the beneficial effect of the injections.

Over time, lips also become wrinkled and lose volume. In the case of aging lips, it is important to remember that they are supported and outwardly hemmed by the skin around the edges. As we age, the skin loses collagen and the natural support of the lips diminishes. This results in thinning of the lips. In addition, the lip border (the vermilion) loses its defined edges with time. We also notice a loss of mouth opening, as the corners of the mouth move closer to the center. Indeed, the cheeks lose their tone with time, and this leads to a sadder, pouting mouth. Properly dosed injections can bring back elasticity and a bright smile to your face, which will automatically regain a fresher, more dynamic look.

To improve the appearance of aging lips, it is necessary to work on the surrounding structure that supports them. It is through the closeness of the surrounding structures that the injections to your lips will look natural. Even in younger patients, this is often the secret to achieving a perfect result. We can decide together whether to combine technology and/or threads with Dermal fillers or to use only one of these approaches. We are always available for a free consultation to discuss with you which combination of treatments is best for you. The best solution will be the one that perfectly combines your goals and our knowledge.


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