Clinique Laflamme special mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a technique that was initially developed in France. It consists of superficially injecting small quantities of hyaluronic acid with or without added vitamins into the skin.

Mesotherapy is an enhanced microneedling technique, as it combines micro-perforations in the superficial layer of the skin with injections of hyaluronic acid and vitamins.

A micro-needling procedure consists of making only micro perforations in the surface layer of the skin in order to induce it to regenerate. The mechanical micro-damage stimulates the skin and promotes collagen production. This simple simulation procedure by micro-perforations is interesting, but it is limited. Moreover, it can be damaging and lead to imperfections following the treatment when performed on people with higher phototypes. This technique remains popular and is often requested, as it is offered in several centers that do not have very expensive equipment.

Clinique Laflamme offers you the opportunity to benefit from a treatment specially designed for you that combines the benefits of the 3 techniques:

  • Microneedling
  • The Vampire Lift
  • Mesotherapy

It is a magnified version of these 3 techniques. In effect, we premix your Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) with hyaluronic acid and inject this hydrating and stimulating substrate using a procedure that micro-drills your face.

Again, we have several options for performing our microperforations. We can do it simply with our U225 automated injector. We can also deposit our moisturizing and stimulating substrate on your skin following a treatment where we have made microperforations with a laser or profractionated radiofrequency (Venus VIVA, Co2, Erbium Yag, Roller Pixel). We then use an "Impact ultrasound" to "push" this hydrating and stimulating substrate into your skin.

This technique, called MesoPLUS, can be added to a Vampire Lift to create a Vampire Lift MesoPlus. It can also be added to a CO2 laser and give a CO2 MesoPLUS. Or a VIVA MesoPLUS or a RollerPixel MesoPLUS...

Clinique Laflamme is always at the forefront and works daily to offer you treatments that meet your expectations. This innovative concept makes it possible to fill areas that require very superficial filling, such as the contours of the mouth or the tear ducts.


Side effects
Slight redness that disappears in a few hours.
Number of sessions required
1-2 for the face
1-6 for the body
Treated areas
Face and body
Discomfort / Anesthesia
Anesthetic cream
Duration of a session
Between 15 and 45 minutes depending on the area
Recovery time
24 to 72 hours


On CO2 :
Full face1 650 $
Face and neck2 150 $
Full face1 300 $
Face and neck 1 650 $
*Taxes to be added

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