Dark circles

Dark circles are a frequent concern for our patients. It is important to understand that under-eye bagging can result from a variety of problems. It is often necessary to work on several components in order to improve your face overall and give you a more radiant look. It all starts with an analysis of the periorbital areas.

The common causes of dark circles and/or bags under the eyes are the following two factors:

  • - Hyperpigmentation related to sun exposure: Abusive and unprotected sun exposure generate two major skin problems: the appearance of brown spots and thinning of the skin. Sunspots are frequently located around the eyes, and this dramatizes their appearance, giving the effect of dark circles under the eyes. The spots can easily be removed with pulsed light. Only one treatment is usually required.
  • - Loss of skin density in the area under the eyes: The loss of collagen density in the dermis encourages the apparition of wrinkles, but it also leads to a hollow effect, especially in the concave areas of the face. All it takes is a very slight loss of collagen for dark circles to appear under the eyes. If there are bags under the eyes, they will be uncovered and clearly visible...

To reduce the visibility of dark circles and/or bags under the eyes, several methods are available depending on your objectives and your skin's condition.

  • - 1st tool: Ultrasound (Ulthéra, Impact, Accent)

The Ulthera easily stimulates the regeneration of the dermis. Its ultrasounds will generate micro-burns in the depths of the skin and these tiny points of destruction, will stimulate the skin to produce collagen, without anything being noticeable on the surface.From the next few days, the dark circles will be less deep and this will consolidate over the course of the following year, until the bags under your eyes almost disappear. This treatment requires no convalescence and is almost painless.

Clinique Laflamme also offers you the possibility of working on your dark circles with two other ultrasound technologies. The Accent and/or the Impact can be used to heat the skin with ultrasound. The MesoPlus technique, which is unique to Clinique Laflamme, combines a deep energy, a filling agent and the ultrasound of the Impact for a clear reduction of dark circles and/or bags under the eyes.

  • - 2nd tool: Profracted energies

(Laser Sciton Erbium Yag, Laser CO2, Venus Viva, RF Pixel

Different factors determine which of these energies is best for you. Essentially, we can distinguish two groups of profractionized energy. There are profractional lasers and profractional radiofrequency. Patients with a higher phototype will be offered only the profractionized radiofrequency, in order to limit the risks of post-treatment hyperpigmentation. It is important to note that the number of days of post-treatment redness can be adjusted by modifying the parameters of our treatments. Not all treatments will result in redness and swelling for 3-5 days. We then need to tweak the treatment parameters accordingly. 

  • - 3rd tool: filling agents and/or PRP
  • Loss of volume at the junction of the dark circles and cheeks leads to a more emaciated and tired appearance. With Dermal fillers and/or PRP, this problem can be easily treated. At Clinique Laflamme, we frequently use a mixture of Dermal filler with PRP to obtain the perfect consistency to fill this area, which is sometimes easy to clog. Dr. Laflamme's unique expertise will allow you to obtain completely natural results.
  • Lastly, some people will complain about the bluish color of their dark circles. It is important to note that bluish dark circles are the result of the underlying vascularization that is visible through the skin. When we work on the thickness of the dermis with technologies, the underlying vascularization is less visible. The dark circles are then less bluish.
  • Cutaneous xanthomas (lipidic deposits) are small fat deposits in the skin. These depots are very easy to remove with our lasers. Xanthomas can reappear over the years, but since they are easy to remove, the condition can easily be controlled.


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