Body reshaping/liposuction without surgery

Today and thanks to recent technologies, it is possible to treat the appearance of the body without necessarily resorting to liposuction with surgery. These treatment methods are for the most part non-invasive, safe and without the need for convalescence.

Several options are available on the market to melt the fat cells that are bothering you. You can eliminate fat with the following options:

  • Deoxycolic acid (injection for lipolysis)
  • Cold (Cryolipolysis/Coolsculpting)
  • Heat (Accent Prime, Venus Legacy)

It is important to explain why Clinique Laflamme uses heat-based technologies to perform liposuction without surgery. We have studied this issue extensively over the years and are convinced that heat is the preferred method for most patients.

Although cold technologies work, they do not tighten the skin. For the majority of patients who have a skin laxity component in addition to excess fat cells, the use of heat is preferable in order to simultaneously target the fat and the skin. For those who only have fat to melt and thick skin, cryotherapy can be considered.

For a complete evaluation of your skin and your needs, we invite you to contact us for a free initial consultation.


Side effects
Possible redness, bruising, and edema
Number of sessions required
1-6 depending on the technology used
Treated areas
Discomfort / Anesthesia
None / Discomfort / Mild anesthesia, depending on the technology used
Duration of a session
15 to 60 minutes depending on the technology used
Recovery time
None / 3 to 5 days, depending on the technology used


Enerjet 2.0
Enerjet + neck accent1 450 $
Enerjet + neckline accent1 950 $
Enerjet + accent 1/2 belly1 300 $
Enerjet + belly accent1 800 $
Enerjet + flank and belly accent2 500 $
Enerjet + saddlebags accent 1 800 $
Accent Prime
30-minute body treatment300 $
60-minute body treatment600 $
Firming of the neckline 1 500 $
Buttocks firming1 200 – 2 400 $
*Furthermore taxes
**depending on the technology used


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