Permanent hair removal

Clinique Laflamme is at the forefront of permanent hair removal technology. We have adopted the most innovative technology: Triton by Inmode. This revolutionary advancement reinvents permanent hair removal to deliver spectacular results in the utmost comfort.

Triton is the first laser to simultaneously integrate different types of wavelengths (Diode, Alexandrite, and NdYAG) using technology. This feature allows for the simultaneous treatment of all hair types, regardless of their growth cycle, greatly enhancing treatment effectiveness. Unlike other laser devices, Triton is now effective for all hair and skin types (from I to VI), offering a universal solution.

Triton by Inmode stands out for its commitment to your safety and comfort. Triton significantly reduces the risk of post-treatment irritation. Its advanced technology also reduces the number of required sessions, speeding up the process.

Moreover, Triton is not limited to hair removal alone. It also incorporates intense pulsed light (IPL) technology to effectively address issues related to pigmentation and vascular conditions (Lumecca).

Say goodbye to hair removal concerns. At Clinique Laflamme, we take pride in offering this technological breakthrough to meet your hair removal and skincare needs. Contact us today to learn more about Triton and book your consultation.


Side effects
Redness possible for a few hours
Number of sessions required
8 to 12
Treated areas
The whole body
Duration of a session
15 to 45 minutes
Recovery time

Associated equipment

  • Inmode’s Triton


Personnalized packagesPrice
Complete back + Bikini (For men)399 $
Armpits + Bikini (For women)170 $
Half legs + Armpits + Bikini (For women)295 $
Half legs + Armpits (For women)180 $
Full legs + Bikini + Armpits (For women)419 $
AreaUnitary6 treatments
Glabella65 $320 $
Upper lip75 $360 $
Chin65 $320 $
Sideburns80 $390 $
Under chin80 $390 $
Full face woman199 $1044 $
Full beard man250 $1350 $
Armpits80 $360 $
Areolas75 $360 $
Chest170 $840 $
Abdomen170 $840 $
Chest and abdomen250 $1350 $
Belly button line75 $360 $
Forearm150 $769 $
Hands with fingers75 $360 $
Full arm without hands160 $870 $
Full arm with hands199 $1044 $
Lower back155 $769 $
Full back without shoulders250 $1350 $
Full back with shoulders299 $1499 $
Bathing suit line95 $450 $
Full (or artistic) bikini135 $660 $
Perianal80 $320 $
Buttocks150 $769 $
Men’s full bikini (with inter-buttocks)199 $950 $
Toes50 $240 $
Half legs149 $729 $
Thighs149 $729 $
Full legs299 $1499 $
*taxes to be added


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