Hollow temples

As time goes by, the skin loses its volume and tone. The temples are often forgotten when it comes to developing a treatment plan. However, the temporal bone is crucial to balance the junction between the upper and middle parts of the face. Full and convex temples are a marker of virility for men, while for women, flat or slightly concave temples are more sought after.

Hollow temples will also have an impact on the gaze. Indeed, the projection of the eyebrows extends to the beginning of the temples and with hollow temples, the eyebrows fall slightly. The eye appears more gaunt and the eyes are more dull. In addition, it is not uncommon to see an imbalance in patients who have received Dermal filler injections in the lower face, but in whom the upper face has not been considered in the volume balance.

It is possible to treat this part of the body with Dermal fillers. These injections of hyaluronic acid can restore volume to the targeted area with a natural-looking result.

However, Dermal fillers are not the only tools that can be used to restore volume to the temporal area. Ultrasound is an effective and interesting tool, as are tensor threads that stimulate the skin locally because they are made of polydioxanone, a stimulant for the skin.

In this way, the treatment of hollows in the temples can have a real effect on the appearance of the face. Harmonization of the volumes at the global level always gives more natural results on your face. To benefit from our expertise and advice, call us for a free initial consultation!


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