Fine eyelashes and eyebrows

Facial hair can be treated using new techniques that allow for the densification of eyelashes or permanent eyebrows with a natural effect. A new process is currently used to restore volume and improve the quality of hair: PRP, Plasma Rich in Platelets. This technique makes it possible to densify the hair using automated injections, for both men and women. PRP is completely natural and safe, since it uses the growth factors already contained in our system to stimulate hair growth in the lashes and eyebrows.

This process was developed in Switzerland in 2003. PRP has become an essential procedure in the treatment of permanent eyebrows and the densification of upper eyelashes: it is now used after hair transplants to promote the survival of the grafts, but also sometimes before the transplant to increase the quality of the donor area. Indeed, the earlier you intervene, the more it is possible to recover the density of the hairs of your eyebrows. This is why you should not hesitate to consult when you want to restore the thickness of your eyelashes or eyebrows.

At Clinique Laflamme, we are committed to always providing you with the best techniques and technologies. With the PRP, we have invested by acquiring the FOTOFINDER, a microscopic imaging technique that allows us to objectively quantify the effects of your PRP on your permanent eyebrows. When you begin a series of treatments at Clinique Laflamme, we do your initial evaluation and compare it to the evaluation at the end of the treatment, in order to guide you on the pertinence of continuing to invest in your facial hair health.

As for the eyelashes, we proceed with an anesthetic on the cornea and then we protect your eyes with intraocular shells (one eye at a time). This technique also works on the eyebrows, because it allows to densify them permanently. The hairs are visibly healthier and gain in thickness, shine and definition. With PRP, we can work together on the contour of your permanent eyebrows to redefine the shape of your brow arch. To learn more, call us for a first free consultation. We will then be able to see together how to calibrate the treatment in order to restore volume to your eyes without using false eyelashes and to give you permanent eyebrows that are less thin and naturally fuller.


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