Vaginal Rejuvenation

Skin aging has an impact on our entire body, including the mucous membrane of the vagina. Thanks to the latest technologies, restoring women's well-being at the gynecological level is possible. Just as we regenerate the skin tissue on the face and body, we also have tools in gyneco-aesthetics to restore women's health at the vaginal area.

One in three women aged 45 and over have concerns about the health of their gynecological tissues. This figure increases to one out of two women aged 65 and over.

These concerns include:

  • Vaginal atrophy **: Over time, and especially with menopause, the walls of the vagina can become thinner and drier. A burning or irritation sensation during physical or sexual activity can then be felt.
  • Loss of libido: the aging of the vaginal wall can be a direct cause of loss of appetite and sexual pleasure.
  • Stress incontinence: this is accidental urine loss that occurs during physical activity, sneezing or coughing.
  • Vaginal laxity secondary to vaginal deliveries: when giving birth, the vaginal wall is stretched. It partially recovers within a few weeks. However, it is common for some vaginal laxity to persist and be sufficiently uncomfortable.
  • Concern for the aesthetics of the labia at the vulvar level.

In recent years, several technological platforms have made it possible to improve gynecological health and alleviate these various concerns in women's health.

**Treatments can also be done without vaginal penetration for our patients who have significant atrophy and who only wish to improve their comfort by having more lubrication.

Depending on the targeted problem, different alternatives can be suggested. We can use :

  • FemiLift (CO2 profraction)
  • External ultrasound with Accent prime
  • Clitoral and vulvar Dermal fillers

To determine which approach is right for you, call us for a free initial consultation. We will provide you with a personalized consultation so that together we can see which treatment is best for you. Women's health is evolving and the Laflamme Clinic is proud to offer you the most recent technologies on the market.


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