Receding chin / jaw redefinition

When we talk about a receding chin, we often have the image of a person who does not have a chin. However, this can refer to a jaw that is simply less prominent or defined than average. We can then intervene to restore volume to the chin and redesign the contours of the jaw. All this can be easily treated without surgery! Previously, genioplasty was automatically required to integrate a prosthesis and reshape the jaw. Today, we have technologies that allow us to make a calibrated change according to your needs, without surgery.

The implant of the prosthesis by genioplasty is no longer the only recourse for a more or less receding chin. Thanks to Dermal fillers, the jaw can regain a more harmonious shape. These Dermal fillers are made up of complex sugars already present in the body, giving the skin radiance and volume while maintaining a natural effect.

These injections avoid the need for genioplasty, an important medical procedure centered around the grafting of a prosthesis not necessarily adapted to your skin. On the contrary, the filling agents allow for a personalized and customized treatment, which can last up to 24 months! Chin reshaping is all the more important since it has a decisive impact on the overall appearance of the face, which is why we offer you individual support to see together which treatment best suits your skin and your expectations.

In order to complete the redefinition of the jaw contours, we recommend the use of technologies that heat the skin. This is because skin cells regenerate automatically when exposed to high temperatures. This tightens the skin and gives it elasticity, volume and radiance. This complete approach allows to treat at the same time the puppet or smoker's wrinkles found around the mouth. The combination of these methods will result in a beautifully smooth and defined chin.

The shape of the jaw is what shapes your face. It is therefore essential to carefully follow the redefinition of the jaw. We offer you a personalized accompaniment that will not only say goodbye to your receding chin but also re-harmonize the contours of your face. Call us for a first free consultation to see together the treatment you need.


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