Cleavage rejuvenation

On a daily basis, the skin on the neckline is frequently exposed to sun rays. This leads to the appearance of brown spots and redness on the skin, as well as sagging of the skin that can give a drooping effect. Thus, the aging of the neckline is a reason for consultation that is frequently sought. We can solve problems in the area of the décolleté just as we do in the area of the face.

In the case of redness and brown spots on the neckline, the solution will be one or a series of treatments with Intense Pulsed Light (BBL from Sciton). This method consists of skin rejuvenation using pulsed light, which allows the removal of both sunspots and age spots. This light and heat-based technology reduces fine lines on your chest and eliminates blemishes for a smoother, more even skin tone. The advantage of this technique is that it works quickly; one session can sometimes be enough. This technology can also be combined with others to optimize the rejuvenation of your cleavage according to your objectives.

Tissue laxity in the neckline is also an issue that patients often complain about. This laxity can be accompanied by wrinkles related to positioning during the night. In this case, the skin loses thickness and wrinkles begin to set in. As time goes by, the skin becomes thinner, and the marks become more and more visible. The skin must then be treated as it would be for the face. Our expertise will allow us to suggest the best tools for your condition.


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