Enerjet treatment

Enerjet traitement


Available for some time now, the Enerjet treatment at the Laflamme Clinic aims to treat the skin on several levels and can therefore treat several conditions, including the face, for a lifting effect, body remodeling, improvement in wrinkles and fine lines, treatment for acne scars, hypertrophic scars, and even stretch marks. In short, this technique is used to solve a large majority of problems in the epidermis regardless of the area treated.

The Enerjet 2.0 device does not work with heat, but rather with a technology that consists of making micro-perforations with a jet of liquid inserted at high speed into the skin (JVR – jet volumetric remodeling). Surprisingly, no needles are used for this procedure, rather the high power with which the solution is deployed is used to cause the tissue to regenerate. Like many other treatments at the Laflamme Clinic, the Enerjet treatment is combined with platelet-rich plasma, vitamins, a glucose solution, or hyaluronic acid: it all depends on the result desired by the client. Indeed, this technique aims to restore the natural volumes of the face and body, improve skin tone and help promote healing.

As usual, Dr. Laflamme has created a unique procedure to optimize the Enerjet technology by maximizing tissue contraction after making the micro-perforations and injecting the desired solution. “Once the Enerjet has been applied to the area in question, we take advantage of the fact that the tissue is soaked in liquid to heat it with very powerful ultrasound to maximize the contraction of the skin and its thickening. The results are very interesting for the body, face, and neck, especially for people who have undergone substantial weight loss. “Dr. Laflamme concludes.

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