Facial Assessment: A Valuable Step in Choosing the Right Medical Aesthetic Options

Comment évaluer son visage pour optimiser ses choix en médecine esthétique ?

As a cosmetic physician, I often see patients who focus on one aspect of their face, such as perioral wrinkles, instead of looking at their face as a whole. However, it’s important to carry out a proper assessment and consider several factors, such as skin coloration, tissue length, volume, and the presence of fine lines and wrinkles in order to maximize facial harmony. 


Facial assessment criteria

As I simplified my explanations over the years, I identified four key facial evaluation criteria: skin coloration, tissue length, volume, and the presence of fine lines and wrinkles.


Skin coloration

In my opinion, the first factor to consider is skin coloration. Facial blemishes and redness are often the first thing people notice. Therefore, it’s important to first improve skin colour with techniques such as pulsed light, laser, nano-fractionated radiofrequency, or electrocoagulation before addressing other factors. The choice of technique requires a medical evaluation to determine which method is best suited to a patient’s skin.


Tissue length

Tissue length must also be considered during the evaluation. Our skin tends to stretch and become thinner with age, resulting in an elongated appearance, reduced volume density, and volume dispersion. Therefore, several techniques, such as biostimulants and fillers, can be used to achieve denser and tighter looking skin. In younger patients, fewer tools are needed to improve density and tightness, while in older patients, it’s often necessary to combine techniques to obtain the best possible results.



When assessing facial volume, it’s also important to look at the length of the tissue. Tightening the tissue will inevitably restore volume to the face. However, volumizing agents can also be added through the use of biostimulation or fillers, all while maintaining a natural appearance.


Fine lines and wrinkles

Finally, the presence of fine lines and wrinkles must also be taken into account. Techniques such as botulinum toxin injections or the use of tensor threads can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin texture.

Comment évaluer son visage pour optimiser ses choix en médecine esthétique ?


In conclusion, to maximize facial harmony, it’s important to thoroughly evaluate various factors such as skin coloration, tissue length, volume, and the presence of fine lines and wrinkles. By using the appropriate techniques, it’s possible to achieve natural and satisfactory results. However, it’s important to consult a qualified and experienced aesthetic physician for a thorough medical evaluation and individualized treatment recommendations. Each patient is unique and requires a personalized approach to achieve desired results. Following these tips and working with a qualified professional allows you to choose the most suitable options and achieve a natural, harmonious look.

A satisfactory therapeutic relationship in medical aesthetics requires the involvement of the patient, the physician, and their team. The partnership must be built right from the start with a consultation that’s carried out with transparency and openness. The patient also takes an active role during treatment by showing trust and an open mind. Finally, it’s essential to have a follow-up after 3 months. During this meeting, we can assess the results and evaluate the plan’s effectiveness. These meetings are important for all of us! 

Every year, Clinique Laflamme continues to innovate and perfect its methods and equipment. We’ve been offering our clients the best solutions for over 10 years, avoiding surgery and using the most natural technologies and treatments possible. This allows us to bring balance to your features and achieve facial harmony overall.

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