Cutera Yag Vascular Laser

This laser is a must in clinical dermatology. The Cutera Yag laser offers a non-invasive, fast and effective treatment to target the reduction of your skin imperfections. Its thermal effect gives the skin a fresh and youthful appearance. The different parameters of the laser allow for the following treatments:

  • Elimination of telangiectasias on the face
  • Revitalization of fine skin and elimination of fine lines

The benefits of laser treatment are no longer in question. However, the treatment must be adapted and calibrated to your skin and your objectives.


Side effects
Redness possible for 24 hours
Number of sessions required
1-6 sessions
Treated areas
Face and neck
Discomfort / Anesthesia
Duration of a session
30 minutes
Recovery time


Cutera’s Genesis
Eyes200 $ / Tx
Full face350 $ / Tx
Face and neck450 $ / Tx
3 treatments: face and neck1 100 $
6 treatments: full face1 800 $
*Taxes to be added


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